WE MADE PLASTIC. WE DEPEND ON IT. NOW WE’RE DROWNING IN IT During the recent year, we tried our full level best to keep the mountains clean. In the recent year, we have found  Multi-layered plastics, the packets that our chips, farsan, and biscuits get sold in, accounted for 63 percent of the trash. Single-use

Yumthang, also known as valley of flowers a small hill station spot located at 11800 feat at a distance of 148 KM from Gangtok. Known as a paradise for nature lovers with a fascinating blend of flora and fauna and breathtaking scenic beauty. In spring season, wild flowers such as primulas and Rhododendrons bathe the

Very few dare to visit the place during the spine-chilling winter seasons. Sometimes we arrive in unknown places and they feel like home. Spiti Valley is so silent and still, mostly cut off from the rest of the world. In these modern fast-moving times, it is rare to find oneself in such a place, which has