Very few dare to visit the place during the spine-chilling winter seasons. Sometimes we arrive in unknown places and they feel like home. Spiti Valley is so silent and still ,mostly cut off from the rest of the world. In these modern fast – moving times, it is rare to find oneself in such a

Kinner Kailash : Religious believes Kinner Kailash has been described as Lord Shiva’s residing place in various hindu mythological stories. Believers of Lord Shiva consider this place to be most sacred. There are a number of interesting stories related to this place. Kinner Kailash is also known as Vanasur. This is for the reason that

Kinnaur Valley: The old Hindustan–Tibet Hwy – built by the British as a sneaky invasion route into Tibet – runs northeast from Shimla through the Kinnaur Valley, providing access to mountain villages with slate-roofed temples, the vast apple orchards, and some of Eastern Himachal’s grandest views. The Kinnauris, or Kinners, are proud Aryan people who

Until the British arrived, there was nothing at Shimla but a sleepy forest glade known as Shyamala (a local name for Kali – the Hindu goddess who is the destroyer of evil). Then a Scottish civil servant named Charles Kennedy built a summer home in Shimla in 1822 and nothing was ever the same again.

LAHAUL & SPITI This vast, desolate corner of Himachal Pradesh is also one of the most sparsely populated regions on earth. Lahaul is a relatively green valley north of the Rohtang La, but as you travel east into Spiti the landscape transforms into a rugged network of interlocking river valleys hidden in the rain shadow