Gurudongmar Lake :The Highest Lake in the World


Gurudongmar Lake is considered a sacred lake for Buddhists, Sikhs, and Hindus. The lake is named after Guru Padmasambhava—also known as Guru Rinpoche—founder of Tibetan Buddhism, who visited in the 8th century.

It is claimed that the lake was blessed in the 15th century by Guru Nanak, the spiritual leader of Sikhism, while he passed through this area.

The lake, fed by glaciers, is located to the north of the Kangchengya range, in a high plateau area connected with the Tibetan Plateau. It provides one of the source streams which joins the Tso Lahmu and then forms the source of the Teesta River. The lake remains completely frozen in the winter months, from November to Mid-May.


The Story behind this Scared Lake:-

Because the lake remained frozen most of the year with no possibility of providing for drinking water needs, the people of the area appealed to Padmasambhava to help them. The guru agreed to help and placed his hands on a small part of the lake area, which stopped freezing during winter, facilitating drinking water to the people. Since then, the lake has been considered sacred and devotees carry this sacred water in containers.

Some stories say that in the 15th century, Sikh Guru Nanak Dev Ji passed through the lake while on his return from Tibet, he was asked by the local people of Gurudongmar Village to help make the frozen lake a source of drinking water during the winter period, he touched a part of the lake with his walking stick, making the lake free of snow throughout the year.


How to reach Gurudongmar Lake:-


The nearest Domestic Airport is Bagdogra / Pakyong Airport which is around four and a half hours drive from Lachen. You will have to hire a taxi from the airport to reach Lachen where taxis and jeeps are available to go to the lake.

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The nearest Railway Station to Gurudongmar Lake is Darjeeling Railway Station which is connected to most of the cities of Sikkim and is at a distance of 171 km from Lachen. Siliguri, Sukna, Tindharia, Mahanadi, Dilaram, Sonada, Jorebungalow, and Ghum are the cities it is well connected with.


Lachen is connected through Sikkim State Road Transport Corporation (SSRTC) and some private travel services to all the major cities of Sikkim. Regular buses ply from Lachen to these states. From Lachen, you can get jeeps and taxis to reach Gurudongmar Lake.



Best Time to Visit Gurudongmar Lake:-

The best time to visit Gurudongmar Lake is between June and November as the weather is quite pleasant at that time of the year. Summers are moderate and quite pleasant in Lachen


Things to do at Gurudongmar Lake:-



The sight of the Gurudongmar Lake is a visual treat for the eyes and manages to please everyone who visits it. A lot of visitors also love to go trekking from the lake, since it is the base station for several treks. The Sarva Dharma Sthala, which is a famous spiritual attraction for peace seekers, is popularly called as the temple for all religions and is located quite close to the lake.

The Tso Lhamu Lake, which is the source of water for the Teesta River, is located about 9 kilometers away, and can also be explored along with the main attraction. The other places that can be visited along with the trip to Gurudongmar Lake are the Lachen village and Thangu village, both of which are just 3-4 hours’ drive away from the Gurudongmar Lake. 

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