Yumthang: Valley of Flowers

Yumthang, also known as valley of flowers a small hill station spot located at 11800 feat at a distance of 148 KM from Gangtok. Known as a paradise for nature lovers with a fascinating blend of flora and fauna and breathtaking scenic beauty. In spring season, wild flowers such as primulas and Rhododendrons bathe the landscape in rich colours, making it a tourist hot spot.

Yumthang is also known for its gateway to Yumesamdong village which is famous for its  rugged vegetation- free mountains, especially in the months of November-December and February¬March over here present a breath taking scenario. A local spot called Dumza is a self govering village which is a substitute of the modern Gram Panchayt. The village, spread out on the either side of Lachung Chu, has managed to retain its unique culture and tradition.

How to reach Yumthang

There are couple of options that a tourist can avail to reach and plan their trip accordingly to Yumthang Valley.

How to reach Yumthang Valley by train

Yumthang Valley does not have a train station, and the nearest station is Jalpaiguri, at a distance of 144 kms from Yumthang Valley.

So a user who is planning to avail train need to break its journey at New Jalpaiguri and avail a local taxi to reach Yumthang.

Note: Travelers need to keep in mind that its take 7 Hrs to reach Yumthang from Jalpaiguri and Night travel is not allowed on this road, please keep in mind while planning your trip.

How to reach Yumthang Valley by Plane

The nearest airport to Yumthang valley will be Pakyong airport which is a new build airport and famous for its architecture.

Also one can reach Yumthang Valley by breaking its journey at Bagdogra Airport and travel 144 KM to reach Yumthang Valley.

Taxi Booking for Yumthang Valley

There are couple of known Taxi Service Provider for this Route and the service range from 3300/- Per Day to 5000/ – Per day , depending upon the car you are availing for your trip.

To book the taxi service feel free to drop us a message at 9910656940.

Cheap and Luxury Hotel near to Yumthang Valley ?

Yumthang itself don’t have any luxury hotel to stay. You have moderate hotel on the way to Yumthang. One has to do a pre-booknig during the peak season. Drop us a message @ 9910656940