Sirmour – The Peach Bowl of Asia

The region of Sirmaur or Sirmour is in the southeastern corner of the state. It is well known for its places of journeys and for the legends that encompass them. Nahan is a memorable town situated on an edge of the Shivalik Hills. It has delightful green timberlands and valleys, particularly in Churdhar top. Tourism in Sirmaur or Sirmour offers divine Churdhar Peaks, Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary, Mini Zoo, Lion Safari, green forest, National Wetland Renuka, well known Paonta Sahib Gurudwara, Shivalik Fossil Park Suketi, celebrated temples. The most appealing thing about tourism in Sirmaur or Sirmour is the Renuka lake which is one of the most wonderful lakes of Himachal. Renuka lake is on the National Tourism Map and pulls in an enormous number of visitors from all around India and outside vacationers. Additionally, the climate states of Sirmour or Sirmaur are not challenging, implying that you can move around no problem at all. Himachal Pradesh creates about Rs 5 crore worth of peaches each year and Rajgarh valley alone records for Rs 4 crore of the produce. It is no big surprise, in this way, that Rajgarh is known as the Peach Bowl of Asia. The credit for transforming this valley into a peach shelter goes to the main Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Dr. YS Parmar, who presented peach plantations in the area.

How to Reach Sirmour

From Air

Chandigarh is the Nearby airport with good connectivity and the nearest airport is Jubbarhatti 102 km. 

 From Railway

The nearest railway station is Barog ( near Kalka ) 42 km.

From Road

Almost each and every part of the state is linked by roads. The Himachal Road Transport Corporation is running its buses regularly to and from sirmaur, connecting with other cities.

Best Time to Visit  Sirmour

The transitional seasons of fall and spring are additionally pleasure and the most favored seasons for exercises like trekking and exploring the town.


Best Time To Visit Sirmaur

The beginning of the entrancing storms is likewise a significantly favored season for vacationers. Storms start in July and go on till September. The pinnacle storm season (August – September) are not prescribed to all; be that as it may, it tends to be an energizing time for unique explorers. This time around is considered a slow time of year thus you can design a low spending trip, however, know that the district gets yearly normal precipitation of 2175 mm and it gets amazingly sticky and wet. The transitional period of Autumn is short and keeps going between October and November. These months are ideal for experience exercises like trekking, climbing and so forth. Some significant celebrations are likewise praised during the season like the Bawan Dwadashi Festival which is commended in September.


Best Places to Visit Sirmaur

Renuka Ji

Renuka lake is arranged in the Sirmour region of Himachal Pradesh in India and it is 672 m over the ocean level. Renuka Lake has situated a good way off of 37 km from Nahan and 60 km from Paonta Sahib covering a zone of 2.5 km. Despite the fact that Renuka Ji is a site of strict significance, it is visited by outing as well. From lakes to mountains and green slopes to enchanting valleys, there are various spots which can be relished here. The most beautiful and the most frequented spot is Renuka Lake. On one hand, travelers go drifting in its loosening up waters, and then again, pilgrims take a holy bath in its sacred waters. During the happy seasons, Lord Parashurama is adored here. The locale is likewise useful for outdoors and trekking.



Nahan was established by Raja Karna Prakash in 1621 A.D. as his capital city. It is delegated by the 3,647 meters high Churdhar top. Nahan’s nearness to fields makes it an all-climate occasion resort. There are various pleasant strolls through the thick timberlands and some of them are the Villa Round, Military Round, and Hospital Round.


Shivalik Fossil Park Saketi :

Situated in the Sirmaur area, it shows life-size fiberglass models of pre-memorable creatures whose fossils, skeletons were uncovered here. The recreation center is the first of its sort in Asia to be created at the real site where fossils were found. It is 21 km. from Nahan, situated on the left bank of the Markanda waterway.


Habben Valley

A pure spot to enjoy the excellence of nature and otherworldliness, Habben Valley is secured with thick woods and rich vegetation. Be that as it may, it is for the most part mainstream among local people for its sanctuaries and different strict destinations. The significant sanctuaries here incorporate Tokro Tibba Kali Mata Temple and Palu Devta Temple. On the off chance that you love photography, at that point, this spot would surely end up being a little bit of heaven to you. Anyway, what about arriving at this wondrous span and catching its beguiling environment?

Itinerary for Sirmour

Here are the means by which we arranged a 3-day schedule to Sirmour Himachal Pradesh from New Delhi:


  • Board the Howrah-Kalka Mail from Delhi to Chandigarh
  • Reach Chandigarh by 3 am and continue for Sirmour by taxi
  • Reach Sirmour by 10 am and stay at the hotel.
  • Explore the Best nearby places.
  • Go through the day at recreation and appreciate ablaze with great dinners.



  • Start the day with early breakfast.
  • Go on a nature stroll to the neighboring town.
  • Appreciate tea and Maggi in the backwoods over a stream in the Sirmour.
  • Appreciate rich Himachali lunch when back to base.


  • Find a good pace appreciate breakfast by 10 am
  • Start your arrival excursion to get Shatabdi from Chandigarh to Delhi


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